Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Gathering of Riddles

This is mainly for anyone that might be wandering over from Facebook via my post. My Shakespeare class here at BYU is approaching the world and literature of the Bard in a new way: the Digital Way. This blog is apart of it, but now I have to get technical! We're going to be writing a research paper that includes information that we've posted and gathered via digital-socializing, which is where you lovely Facebook people come in!

I'm most likely going to be writing about riddles, not only in works by Shakespeare but literature as a whole. Modern media also counts, because it starts with a script (a.k.a., the written word, thus making it literary). I need to gather examples of literature and media that uses riddles, which is how you can help. Either here or on Facebook, please leave a post about the piece of literature and/or media that you are thinking of. They can be related to Shakespeare (one of his plays), from olden times (such as before 1900 a.d. or even 1300 a.d.), or anything modern. Also, try to be specific as possible: if you use an episode from a TV show, try and find out the episode title, air date, season number, etc.

Just so that you are aware, I already have at least a few examples, so please don't repeat these:

1. The Hobbit
2. Harry Potter
3. Batman--The Riddler

In a previous post (scroll down) I've talked about how Harry Potter and the Riddler are applicable, if you want to check it out. I really appreciate any help I get with this, and I'd love if you'd keep checking in on my progress. Thanks! Cortnie

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  1. Macbeth had a riddle of sort when the witches told to him to beware of Macduff,that no man born of women shall harm Macbeth, and that no one shall harm Macbeth until the forest of birnam will unroot itself and go to Macbeth's castle. :)