Friday, March 2, 2012

Alright, alright. I'll show you the guilty proof. Taylor is interested in possibly looking into doing a Hamlet fanfiction because of what I've had to say and the character analysis, and wants to take a look at some of my own fanfics. It's easier to just put it out there for you all to see. Just don't just me; I started writing this when I was a geeky little eighth grader, and some of the works I've done certainly come across that way. Also, I've never done a Shakespeare work myself, so you won't be looking at anything like that. In fact, I think the only stuff that I have online right now is Danny Phantom stuff. I'll be putting up a Teen Titans one in a few days, so you can keep your eye out if you so chose. Here's the link to my author bio and links to my works: I write under a pseudonym on the site, so don't be suprised to NOT see my name.

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