Monday, April 9, 2012

Annotated Bibliography Redux

So I know that I should have done this last weekend (as well as the video) but I've been having IT problems and haven't had time to find the solution. The camera that I've been using to shoot the videos... well, the video hasn't been shot yet. I'm going to have to stay after class and use the camera in the classroom. Hopefully. Or I might be able to hook up with my IT guy (the one that has been teaching me the wonders of Youtube because, let's face it, I'm just not as savvy in that department as I am in fanfiction) and have it up by tonight. Until then, however, I should be able to squeeze enough out to get the annotated bibliography done.

This one is a bit strange, just because of the different materials that I'm having to work with. Some of it is fanfiction, some of it scholarly articles... I even have a blog that I've been following a pretty heavy debate on arguing the legality and purpose of fanfiction (which side do you think I've been taking?). Now just try and figure out how I've been fitting that into my repurposed paper. It's an... interesting process. So, without further ado, my bibliography.
This link will take you to a piece of fanfiction that is about as close to what I'm doing with my paper as possible. In it, the characters (from Danny Phantom) have been assigned the project of working with Shakespeare by acting it out and analyzing the characters. This is only one example of a trend that is VERY popular on fanfiction sites. You'll find a new twist on this same plot (using a Shakespeare play to get to the eventual ''hidden emotions'' of the characters) in almost every category of fanfiction. (Canons and Fanons: Literary Fanfiction Online by B. Thomas)
This article goes into the intimate details about fanfiction that I didn't have the room to discuss in my first paper. Most importantly, it discusses the difference between the canon--of the actual published literature--and fanon--the most popular, repeated fan-ideas being accepted as 'true' ONLY in the fanfiction world. For instance, in the animated Teen Titan category, it has become a part of the culture that the character Beast Boy has claws on his hands instead of regular fingernails, and this becomes why he never takes off his gloves. In the 'reality' of the series, we do not have any proof of this fact--primarily because the show never has the cast wearing civilian clothing, thus eliminating the need for Beast Boy to remove his gloves. Thomas goes into further detail on the idea between the two has a whole, demonstrating with the categories of Jane Austen (primarily Pride and Prejudice) and Harry Potter. (Language, Culture, and Identity in Online Fanfiction by R. W. Black)
Actually, anything by Black is going to be relevant. She's considered one of the leading experts on Fanfiction in the scholarly world, and has published numerous books, papers, and thesis-es on the topic. Some of the frequent subjects that she returns to (just as in this one) include: the legality of fanfiction, the value it holds as an academic tool, the grammatical construction of the varying levels of writing performed by fanfiction writing, etc. She also discusses the use of fanfiction as a method for encouraging communication and personal identity, which I found relevant because of the nature of our class. (Blog)
So this was the blog that I mentioned earlier. It's main focus deals with "Shades of Gray", which is an erotic novel that, at one time, was based on the characters of Twilight in an alternate universe. Some people are arguing that the work (which we obviously WON'T be reading, because of the nature of the book) is too-close to the original source, even though the character names have been changed and such. While I'm inclined to believe this might be possible (I've seen enough 're-done' stories on the sister site to know that not everyone is good at removing the original source) the argument has once again delved into the issue of legality.

So a little bit of everything to tide not just you but me over until I can finally get that video done.

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