Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Socializing, Part One

So, as I was setting about reformatting my  paper into whatever this fanfiction/fiction/nonfiction meta-hybrid will end up being, I realized I'd forgotten one important thing: permission. Specifically, permission from the two fanfiction authors whose papers I hope to allude to (and possibly quote) in my weird... thing I'm writing. I've included a screenshot of one of the private messages I sent to them, responding to their pieces and inquiring after their acceptance to my using their works (I only did the one because I literally copied and pasted the main body of the message).

I'm hoping for two things by sending these messages. The first is hopefully obvious, because I've mentioned it about seven times already: permission. It would really stink if they told me no. The second is hopefully a little more subtle: I was fishing for their interest. If I phrased it right (it's all about phrasing when it comes to dealing with fanfiction writers, because we're a weird bunch from many different walks of life and even on different stretches of those walks), they should be curious enough to ask after what I've done, look it up, and then share it with other fanfiction members.

We're social like that.

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