Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am no lover of Twitter, as I've said before. Thus, my tweethis has become my Facebook-This. I'm more likely to get answers this way, anyways.
I started out with a general status update with my thesis statement and a quick plea for any input.

Hopefully, because it's mid-morning and everyone is checking Facebook, I'll get a lot of help. I'll post any results that I get in a follow up.

I wanted to be a bit more thorough, however, so I turned to some special friends. These are the childhood and teenage-hood friends that I had growing up, the ones that, while they didn't introduce me to fanfics, certainly kept me active in the world. In fact, these individuals were the ones to persuade me to write my own story. I sent them an actual message (along with tagging my old G.I.F.T.ed teacher, who always has great advice, and my father, because he's the fellow English-guru in our family--even if he is a computer teacher) letting them know a bit more detail, pleading a bit harder, and once again giving my thesis.
Hopefully they'll love me enough to give me some great insight!

I also thought about finding some communications on, but that's slightly difficult. While they do have a forum option available, it'd be impossible to tag all of my followers and clients and Shakespeare peers into the forum so that they'd find it. I may post something to my author's bio, but not many people will know to look there. I don't know, I'll have to give it some more thought. Let's hope that I get answers!

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