Saturday, February 4, 2012

Like the Ocean Waves

I've decided that I'm a visual person. I learn better when I watch someone else demonstrate what to do, I respond to visual images more so than music (for instance, I cry at a drop of a hat watching a music video, but very rarely get emotional just listening to a song), and I have to physically write something done--and thus see it--in order to remember it. And now it correlates to audio books, as well.

Listening to Hamlet was far more frustrating than reading it or ''watching'' the action in the (not a) manga. I know that might seem weird, considering how strange some of the words in the play are. But when I read I don't really SEE the words, I see the pictures the words seem to morph into. Just listening was hard because I didn't have anything to turn into a picture.

This would be me, listening to the audio book.
In fact, I found myself distracted from the play more than I was involved in it. This might be because I use things like ''soundtracks'' and dialogue to do homework to--I turn a movie on in the background when I do homework, because if I turn on music I HAVE to sing and thus get distracted, but movies have sound that I can tune out. Still, it became a problem. My brain seemed to think ''oh, background noise, time to think of other stuff'' and I'd spend almost an entire act plotting out my next chapter for my novel or reviewing for an ASL test. Then, when my head finally woke up, I'd have to go all the way back, wasting even more of my time.

I don't know, audio books seem like a good fit for some people. For one, you can get the idea of character voices. But if you are going to have one person read, why not have each character read by a different person? And if you are going to have different people read, why not act it out? If you're acting it out, why not film it? And then you're right back to the visual aspect that I so love. Hmmm.... I'm going in circles. Hopefully I'll have more luck with other Shakespeare mediums. There are so many ways to make new adaptations with art, after all. Til tomorrow! ♥Cortnie

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