Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From the Viewer's Mind

Because my research topic is a bit more abstract and unusual, I had to come up with a different way of finding videos to view for the performance analysis. At the moment I'm still working out how to include the link between a primary source through Shakespeare and a work of Fanfiction. I've come to the personal conclusion that Fanfiction can be considered a primary source, so the two pieces that I've picked out led me to some of my performances, albeit a repeat of earlier consideration. One of the works includes a blurb using characters from Hamlet, which made me consider options. Fanfiction is considered a 'lowering' of the general Shakespeare adaptive process, making me think of children and their reactions. This, in turn, led me back to the Muppets. Just like fanfics, the Muppet videos I posted are legitimate adaptations, albeit tongue in cheek ones. So, to keep this short, I just linked the original blog post back here:

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